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Essential Banjo Licks with Ross Nickerson DVD
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Essential Banjo Licks with Ross Nickerson DVD 

taught by Ross Nickerson

Let Ross teach you over 100 essential banjo licks in this easy to understand, fun lesson. Banjo players at all levels will get lots of new licks and styles to work with from Ross's Essential Banjo Licks DVD.

Ross Nickerson is one of North America's finest contemporary banjo players and his teaching abilities are tremendous!

Students who are well versed in banjo studies are very likely aware of the great teaching styles of Ross Nickerson. In this collection of Essential Banjo Licks, Ross teaches;

  • Tips on Left Hand Techniques (sliding, hammer-ons , pull-offs, bending)
  • Song or Solo Beginnings in the Keys of G, C, D
  • Song or Solo Endings in the Keys of G, C, D
  • Turnarounds in G, C & D
  • Scruggs Licks in G, C & D
  • Melodic Banjo Style Licks
  • Single String Licks
  • Backup Licks
  • Up The Neck Licks
  • Triplets
  • Blues Licks
  • Slow Stuff
  • Hot Licks
  • And more!

  • Each lick is played up to speed and then slowed down for easy studying.

    Tabs are available for this lesson as a PDF on the DVD for your computer.

Overall Difficulty: Multiple Levels
Publisher: Learn Roots Music
Binding: Boxed 
Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.5" 
UPC: 306196070491

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